Wednesday, June 27, 2012

El Al Israeli Airlines Flight Attendants

El Al is a the small Israeli state carrier and flies to a few destinations around the world so you are unlikely to see its crews in many places. The Hebrew name "El Al" means "to the skies" and is inspired by  averse from the book of Hosea in the Old Testament. The cities that are served by El Al include Europe Zurich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Vienna, Warsaw, St.Petersburg, Kiev, Athens, Budapest, Geneva, Marseille, Bucharest, Bulgaria, Australia, Sydney, Far East, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, New York, Los Angeles and to Canada too. El l flies to a total of 23 destinations in 22 countries. Below are a few snapshots of El Al Israel Airlines flight Attendants. The uniform hasn't changed much since the early 1990s.

An El Al Flight Attendant in the 50s

An El Al Flight Attendant Dining in Amsterdam in the 50s

El Al Flight Attendant Uniform in the 70s

El Flight Attendants in 1995

El Al Flight Attendant Today

El Flight Attendant Serving On Board

El El Flight Attendant "riding the cart"

El Flight Attendant On board

El Al Flight Attendant

El Flight Attendant On Board

El Al Flight Attendant Serving On board

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