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Korean Air Flight Attendant Uniforms over the last our decades

Below are a collection of Korean Air stewardess uniform over the years from 1969 to date:
Korean Air Uniform in 1969: Designer Ok Song created the inaugural flight attendant uniforms for Korean Air . Highlighted by a beige top and crimson skirt, the uniform caused a popular splash due to the bright colored skirt, thus beginning a new fashion trend with other companies' uniforms.

Korean Uniform from 1970-1971The flight attendant uniform evolved into a navy blue, wool one-piece.

The same color was used for the hat, giving the uniform a consolidated appearance, and the design featured extra practicality including a jacket using the same design as the uniform. Overall, this uniform design is considered to have projected a sleek look.

Korean Air Uniform in 1972: This uniform was worn when Korean Air launched its first flight to America in Korea back in 1972.
It includes a jacket in dark blue with three gold buttons, an A-shape pleatless skirt in the same color and a hat.
The white blouse was designed with either a high neckline or a round one.
Korean Air Uniform in 1973: A naturally contoured hat and sky blue outfit accentuated the splendor of this uniform.

Korean Air Uniform 1974-1975The uniform worn when our wings launched its first flight to Paris in Europe in 1975 consisted of a deep-blue woolen jacket and a one-pleat skirt.

The white blouse with red swan pattern used in the Korean Air logo at that time was accentuated by the scarf with a mixed pattern in white, red, light green and dark blue.

Korean Air Uniform 1976-1977This demure and tidy uniform represents the sixth design. The jacket and skirt, as well as hat, were all of the same color, and a white blouse and scarf were added as accents to break up the monochromatic look.

The blouse was designed in a short-sleeved version, and the skirt's length stopped at the knee. In addition, this marked the last time hats were included as part of the uniform.

Korean Air Flight Attendant Uniform 1978-1978: When focusing on developing Middle Eastern market, the uniform maintained its conservative look with a dark blue jacket and skirt.
However, the wavy blouse in red and dark blue was recognized for sensational design of Korean Air uniform.

Korean Air Uniform from 1980-1985: 1980 marked the introduction of the Taegeuk patterned logo that is intrinsic to Korean Air in the uniform with the main colors used being red, blue, and white.

The core elements included a jumper skirt and white blouse featuring the Korean Air logo print. The small red kerchief on the left breast of the jacket was noted for its splash of color.

Korean Air Uniform 1986 to 1990: This uniform represented the first version to be created by a foreign designer, an American, Joyce Dixon.
The commission was to develop a creation with the up-coming Asian Games and Olympic Games. The striped dress, accented by a red and blue motif belt, captured a traditional sense of beauty while providing comfort and ease in performing cabin duties.

Korean Air Flight Attendant Uniform 1991 to 2004: Designed by Dongsun Kim, this uniform holds the record for the longest period used. It boasted a classic look that remained current in fashion through the years while simultaneously reflecting traditional Korean beauty.
In particular, the ribbon scarf sporting the Taegeuk pattern received world-wide recognition, and was considered a key icon symbolizing Korean Air.

Current Korean Air Stewardess uniorm introduced in 2005: The latest uniform is a creation of Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre. Its skirts and pants are designed with consideration of flight attendants' active cabin duties.

During the development of this attire, the largest emphasis was placed on attaining harmony between modern global fashion appeal with a foundation of Korea's traditional and inherent beauty.

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