Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thai Airways Flight Attendant/Stewardess Uniforms

Thai Airways has a very interesting inflight culture for its stewardesses. They will welcome you on board in these beautiful traditional Thai dresses and once you are up in the air, they will change into more formal purple flight attendant dresses with skirts and blouses which are more practical for serving passengers on board. or quick lights, the flight attendant do not change from the traditional Thai dresses.
Thai welcome: Thai Airways Stewardess in their fabulous traditional Thai flight attendant Uniform

Welcome aboard: Thai Airways Stewardess in traditional Thai dress/ FA Uniform

Thai Airways flight attendant in a traditional Thai dress

Thai Airways Stewardess Uniform from 1990 to 2006
Thai Airways Uniform
The current Thai Airways Stewardess Uniforms: A bright purple suit adorned with a pink/purple scarf and often embellished with a flower makes them look feminine and put together.

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