Friday, March 2, 2012

Inside Look: Emirates Flight Attendant Training School

Flight attendant students for Emirates pose in the image and uniform classroom at the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai. 
Emirates is boosting flight attendant numbers this year as it adds five double-deck, 517-seat A380s, for a total of 20 superjumbos.
Emirates trainee flight attendants are shown how to operate an aircraft emergency door during a training session at the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai.
Emirates Airline staff board buses outside the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai.
Patricia Walsh, an instructor with Emirates Airline, centre, demonstrates in flight service for business class passengers to a group of economy class cabin crew, during an upgrade course.

Emirates flight attendants start on a basic annual salary of about 47,000 dirhams ($A12,200), plus hourly flying pay, a fixed monthly cash sum based on their role and competencies, free housing and transport, and an annual payment from a profit- sharing plan.
Polina Sasko, an flight attendant student with Emirates, applies lip liner during a make-up training session at the Emirates Aviation College in Dubai.
Prospective flight attendants for Emirates undergo training from an instructor, centre, in the image and uniform classroom at the Emirates Aviation College.


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  3. Hi! I would like to know if you start to earn a salary since the first day in Dubai? I mean, when you are doing the training to become a Cabin Crew. Thanks

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