Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flight Attendants by Brian Finke

Flight Attendants by Brian Finke is an interesting photo journal or documentary about the modern flight attendants. Brian Finke began photographing flight attendants on domestic flights including Delta Airlines, JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest Airlines, documenting their lives on and off duty. When he began his international travelers, he continued his passion and went on to cover such airlines as Air Asia, AN, Japan, Thai and Tiger Airways amongst others.
Flight Attendants: Who Are They?
The result of his work is the interesting photography book about the flight attendants, the young, brave and beautiful dreamers who fly 40,000 feet giving travelers the experience of their lives while fulfilling their dreams. Anyone who is interested in the work and lives of airline stewardesses will find this book interesting. Rarely do you find such close and magnificent caption of the lives and work of the flight attendants. It is not always as glam as it appears. It is challenging work but it also has some beautiful moments like checking in to a posh hotel while you wait for your next call of duty, or shopping in some glamorous shopping mall in a new city.

Buy Flight Attendants by Brian Finke and get a glimpse into the glamorous women that drive our skies.

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