Saturday, March 10, 2012

Korean Air Flight Attendant Uniform

This latest Korean Air stewardess uniform with a turquoise top and beige skirt was introduced in 2005 and the turquoise colour is a blast from the past. Older Korean Air passengers will remember that the airline stewardess uniforms used to have this colour in 1973. This uniform was a creation of Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre. Its skirts and pants were designed with consideration of flight attendants' active cabin duties.

During the development of this attire, the largest emphasis was placed on attaining harmony between modern global fashion appeal with a foundation of Korea's traditional and inherent beauty.

While elegant and refined, the uniform is also comfortable, distinguished by its ergonomic design and the use of practical and supple fabrics.

Current haute couture Korean Air stewardess Uniform introduced in 2005
Korean Air Stewardess in her stylish Flight attendant Uniform
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Ladies in Beige: Korean Air Stewardesses
Korean Air Stewardesses